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Dear Facebook Business Page Manager: 

This is an open letter to all Facebook Business Page Managers.   I felt it imperative to write this letter before I hide all of your future posts or unlike your page.   See the problem is your really not doing much for me and your starting to really annoy me.   I think if you open your mind and read this letter and think about it you might understand what I’m saying.  Outlined below are my thoughts, I hope this helps, and if not I guess I will have to follow through with the unlike or hiding of your posts.

1. Quit posting the same thing over and over and over, I’m not blind, if I wanted to act upon your post, I would have acted the first time.  I am no more prone to act upon your post the 30th time than I was the first time, but now I am really irritated.

2. I liked your page in hopes of learning about your company, staff, inner workings new developments, what you are working on,  and most of all I was hoping to see some special offers for Facebook friends. (In fact I hear that a recent study suggests 70% of Facebook users like business pages with that in mind)

3. Quit telling me how great you are!! I think I will be the judge of that, welcome to the new age of marketing.  Quit posting testimonials from your customers.  I perceive your testimonials posts as you being really creative at making this stuff up!  I give no credibility to testimonials that you post.   If you want testimonials, entice your customers to post on your page, i would find that much more credible.

4. You are intruding on my personal life experience on Facebook, your presence on my page is by the good grace of me allowing you to be there.  I really don’t want you intruding on my personal page on Facebook 25 times a day.   Especially all at one time!!  If you need help sheduleing your posts drop me a line I can teach you in 60 seconds!

5. I am looking for value from your posts, something that is interesting, something other than another advertisement.   If I wanted to see advertisements I could pick up the newspaper that I no longer read!!  Post a picture, tell us about your company, tell us about your guests, tell us about an experience, tell us about an outing you went on, or the trade show your attending and the cool stuff you are seeing,  or something about your industry that I might find interesting.

6. How about taking some time and thinking through your posts,  Maybe you should step back and think about what your trying to accomplish via your page, put together a strategy, layout a schedule of your posts that help you achieve that goal.

7. If I post on your wall would it be too much to ask for you to respond?  I know that your on Facebook, your posting 25 times a day!!  It is critical that you respond to my posts and interact with me.  I really do want to be your friend but I get really annoyed when your too busy posting advertising to interact with me.    For heaven’s sake if I post a problem that I am having with your product, I would and do expect you to respond, give me guidance, give me a contact for resolution, leaving me hanging is worse than the hold music on your 800 number.

8. I know this is all new to you but this really isn’t another Broadcasting Media, this is my personal Facebook page.  Remember, we are communicating here, this new world is about communication, we give and take, we listen and we respond.   Do your part!!

9. I like that you have opinions but really wish that you would keep some of them to yourself, your opinion on gay marriage, illegal immigration, and politics tend to tarnish your image and do nothing for ensuring I don’t unlike your page.

10. I am surrounded by negative people, please don’t be another one.  Keep it positive, keep it up-beat.

11. If you want me to sign-up for your email list, you better be prepared to give me something in exchange, something of real value.  Please remember I’m already sensitive about you spamming my Facebook page, imagine how irritated I will be if you start emailing me 17 times a week.

12. I realize that times are tough, we are all trying to make a living in these difficult economic times, but please don’t beg, I loose all confidence in you and your organization when you start begging, its not flattering.

I know I might sound ornery and upset, and frankly I might be a bit of each.   Please keep in mind I invited you in to my life and I can also close the door.   You may not solely have pushed me to this point but collectively the business community I interact with has done all of these things.


Frustrated Facebook Friend


  1. February 14, 2011    

    Thank you Darin I love all you give me and the time you spend to care about the people around you. I still try hard to resist the new age stuff. I don’t want to do it I know I have to. Everything you say and do is so helpful. I will keep trying even when I hate it. I know I have to.

    Thank you Thank you

    • admin admin
      February 14, 2011    


      Thanks for the great comment! You are a great friend!


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